Developing innovative therapies for specialist diseases

ImmuPharma PLC is headquartered in London and has its research operations in France (ImmuPharma (France) SA) and Switzerland (ImmuPharma AG). ImmuPharma is dedicated to the development of innovative drugs to treat serious medical conditions, characterised by:

  • Blockbuster potential in niche markets
  • High unmet medical need
  • Ability to command high pricing
  • Low marketing costs
  • Relatively low development costs
Founded first in Basel, Switzerland in 1999 by an experienced management team, ImmuPharma now has important R&D collaboration arrangements with highly respected health and medical research laboratories in Europe. The company plans either to bring its drug candidates to market itself, or to license them in corporate deals to other pharmaceutical companies.
Our vision and values

We are a highly ethical organisation with the vision to develop novel drugs to treat serious medical conditions, delivering value to patients, medical professionals, healthcare payers and our shareholders.  

We value innovation, creativity, integrity, fairness, competency, professionalism, and we have a passion for what we do.

Tim McCarthy, ImmuPharma’s Chairman, talks to The New Economy on the Company’s gold standard treatment for lupus, ‘Lupuzor’ and its ongoing Phase III trial.
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