ImmuPharma’s lead compounds

ImmuPharma has five lead compounds in development, each of which targets a niche market and addresses a serious medical condition. Each of them also has the potential for significant sales, lower entry marketing costs and a relatively lower risk of drug development failure.

Lupuzor ™, our most advanced lead compound, has received the highly accredited 'Gold Standard' approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Phase III trial. Our treatment for cancer, IPP-204106, has now completed a Phase I/IIa study in cancer patients in France.
ImmuPharma’s compound IPP-102199 for pain relief is being designed as a non-addictive replacement for morphine and other opioids, and is currently in pre-clinical development. An antibiotic against MRSA and other infections, IPP-203101, may be given US FDA fast track development and approval. Our treatment for inflammatory and allergic disorders (IPP-201007) is in early stage development.


Lupuzor™ has the potential to be a safe and effective treatment for lupus patients around the world.


IPP-204106 has a novel mechanism of action aimed at preventing angiogenesis as well as proliferation.

Pain Relief

IPP-102199 is a potential non-addictive compound for relieving moderate to severe pain.


This novel antibiotic is designed to combat MRSA and other severe hospital-acquired resistant infections.

Inflammatory Diseases

IPP-102199 has the potential to reduce allergic reactions and inflammatory conditions.